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The Rabenwald Metalsmything Team

Drogo, AKA Chris Dietz, AKA Bossman 

Drogo has been a professional metalworker for over 25 years. Finding the SCA in the mid 90s, he decided he found his calling, and founded Rabenwald Metalsmything. Starting as a woodworker, he taught himself the art of jewelry making, then Blacksmithing. In 2001, Rabenwald became his full-time job. 

His favorite tasks are designing and prototyping new products, general forge work, and tool acquisition.  


Tempest Dietz, Head Apprentice 

Tempest is Drogo’s offspring and a chip off the old block as it were. First taking hammer to metal at the ripe old age of 9, they have been doing it for most of their life. A smith of many talents, they specialize in creating our signature counter twisted stainless steel. So, if you have one of those pieces, it has been meticulously worked by them.  

When they are not smithing, they can be found writing, designing, and playing RPGs. 


Deslynn Savage, Sales Manager 

Deslynn met the Rabenwald crew many years ago at one of the Rennaissance Fairs they were doing. Coming back into their lives 2022, she soon showed herself to be invaluable! We have done everything in our power to keep her as part of our crew, so the circus does not steal her away, LITERALLY! She is the one in charge of inventory, bookkeeping, and our lead sales Manager!  

As time permits, she is learning metalwork to add to her skills as fiber artist and sewist. 

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