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Lagertha's Hammer Pendant

Lagertha's Hammer Pendant


This pendant is the hammer that Lagertha's father gave to her as a child.

We have two versions of this hammer. A Stainless steel and a bronze.

The hand forged stainless steel version of pendant is hand made the same way as the master that the mold was taken from to make the Bronze hammers. (The bronze hammers are a collaboration with our friends over at The Crafty Celts)

The bronze hammer is the same hammer used on the History channel show The Vikings.

These hammers measures approximately 3/4" wide and 1.25" long. They come strung on a waxed cotton.

Please note that these pendants are hand forged so they will differ slightly from the photo. Each piece I make is unique in its own way. Because of the hand made nature of these, there may take up to a 3 weeks for shipment.

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