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The Pentacle, Pentagram, Wiccan, Pagan Star, Pendant

The Pentacle, Pentagram, Wiccan, Pagan Star, Pendant


The five-pointed star has been revered by almost all the ancient civilizations, be it the Greeks, Egyptians, Chinese, Indians, Babylonians, or even Mayans. Although in modern times the pentacle has become a symbol of magick and witchcraft, in the past it was actually used for protection against demons, evil spirits, and similar bad forces. 


Like many ancient symbols, the pentacle has multiple meanings and therefore can become your own personal talisman based on what you need and believe.   


The number five symbolizes freedom, curiosity, and change – a desire to have adventures and explore new possibilities. We use our five senses to explore the world: sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. We need the five key elements to survive in this world: wood, water, fire, air and metal. 


For each and every one of us, our path and our experiences in this life are unique. Discover your own personal meaning behind the pentacle and carry your five core beliefs with you on your spiritual journey and never stop exploring and growing. 


Your Pentacle pendant is made from hypoallergenic surgical grade stainless steel and measures approximately 1.5” in diameter and comes strung on a black waxed cotton cord.


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